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Where the Nose Goes

Where the nose goes, joy follows! In each of us there is a clown, a curious, caring, and courageous clown waiting for permission to play, and in this workshop permission will be granted. We will see the world as the clown sees the world; that is, one with infinite possibilities, where objects transform, mistakes are treasured, and all that is ordinary becomes extraordinary.

This workshop is suitable for those ages 8 and up. It is offered as a 45 minute session, 60 minute session, or 90 minute session starting at $175. 

Theatre Amplifies: Ableism 

By way of games and exercises developed by Augusto Boal and other applied theatre practitioners, participants in this workshop will gain an understanding of what ableism is, and how it manifests in our society. Together we will interrogate this 'ism,' and conceptualize ways in which to counteract and dismantle it. In this session we will work to foster both a brave and curious space in which vulnerability is welcomed, and the content that is created can be challenged and revised. 


This workshop is suitable for those ages 13 and up. It is offered as a 60 minute session for $150.

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