Clown in Isolation

Back in the era of quarantine when everyone was baking sourdough, and doing puzzles, I was salvaging a semester gone awry.

This is what I have to show for my time, the product of an unfinished journey; an ongoing photo series that I am calling Clown in Isolation, an expression of our distorted world through innocent eyes, fueled with lightheartedness, tenderness, and joy. 

A Pleasure/Pain Expo

Pictures taken and edited by Seamus Good.

Video taken by Willow James.

Music: "AEIOU" by Roomful of Teeth.



A movement piece birthed out of a conversation about how vowels color our language, how women often are not allowed to indulge in the full spectrum of vowel sounds, how vowels correlate directly with pleasure and pain responses; pleasure and pain being different sides of the same coin. 

Vai! Vai! Vai! A Clown Cabaret
Pictures taken and edited by Seamus Good.

Lecoq 20


The Stages: A 20 Movements Creative Interpretation

Music: "Married Life" by Michael Giacchino

She Kills Monsters
Kaliope, dir. Ben Sota, Coastal Carolina University.