Hello and welcome! I'm glad you've found me.


My name is Aliza, which in Hebrew means 'joy.' I take this very seriously. 


I hold many identities; one of which is that of a creator. My creative endeavors include, but are not limited to: acting, dancing, devising, writing, clowning, and painting. 

I do these things primarily in Denver, Colorado, where I was born, raised, and am currently living. 

I believe that f#%&ing up is the most dynamic part of the creative process, wherein something beautiful almost always takes place. With a deep curiosity, I seek to engage in work that raises questions about comfortability and conformity; this ever-fragile thing we construct so meticulously around ourselves, our image. The hope is that through play presented as performance, we might all learn to laugh at ourselves, or at least at our humanness, with a little bit more ease.